"Dr. Jones combines compassion, humor and knowledge skillfully to move his clients rapidly forward. I frequently refer clients to him, and the feedback I receive from them is always glowing and the personal transformations are apparent." - Dr. Sandy Heinsz, Licensed Psychologist, Peachtree City, GA.

"Through the years that I have known Doctor Bob, I have sent several members of our church to him for therapy and counseling. He has helped many members in our church to get victory in their life and to continue on a path of personal and spiritual growth." - Stan Berrong, Senior Pastor Emeritus, Glen Haven Baptist Church, McDonough, GA

The following testimonials are unsolicited and are used with permission. All identifying information is concealed.

"I was at my wit’s end when my son and I first came to see you six weeks ago, Dr. Jones. My relationship with my son had deteriorated and nothing that I was doing was working. Since our visits with you, my son is so much calmer and reasonable. I really and truly think your work with both him and me has helped all of that tremendously. Honestly, I think you have helped me to see that it was my reactions and my behavior to what he was doing that has really changed. I cannot thank you enough. Thanks for helping me put my family back in balance."  - J.S.

"Thanks so much for the work that you did with our daughter. As an equestrian, she was having so much difficulty with her anxiety and it was transferring to her horse. It was really affecting her performance. After working with you, she is calmer, more focused, and confident. She will be riding for her university team this year. My husband and I are so grateful." - J.B.

"Everything about my son's appointments with Dr. Jones has always been first rate. My son has a rather significant case of ADHD and Dr. Jones has a subtle yet pervasive way of getting in my son's head and rummaging around to help my son see things in a sometimes new and different way. It is a great thing to see my son maturing into a pretty great young man despite all of the pitfalls that accompanies his ADHD. Dr. Jones is helping my son to realize that his ADHD is not insurmountable. It CAN be managed with simple techniques that my son and I are both learning with the help and guidance of Dr. Jones. We know he is great and thought the rest of the world should too. Oh, and many woofs can be said for his very beloved (by my son and I) therapy dogs, MJ and Bailey. They are the best! With as much respect as admiration, thank you for all you do to help my son and I traverse this thing called ADHD." - N.J.

"Doc, I really can't thank you enough for your help with my golf game. I have trouble believing after one session that I was able to shoot 29 on the front nine of my home course from the back tees. All of my anxiety was just gone. I have since qualified to play in the [National Amateur Championship for my age bracket.] I'm looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish going forward." - L.D.

"Doctor Bob, thank you so much for all you did for my wife and me. When we came to you, we thought there was no hope left for our marriage, even though we still loved each other. You helped us change some little things in our communication patterns and it has made all the difference. We're not out of the woods yet, but we have come a long way. Thanks to your poodle, MJ. She helped us a lot, too." - B.A.

"Doctor Jones, when we came to you for evaluation for our son, we just didn't know what was wrong. When you told us that our son had a major mental illness, we were devastated but not surprised. My husband and I had suspected there was a serious problem for a long time. We really appreciate how you compassionately worked with us and him to develop a plan. We know [our son's] path is going to be a long and difficult one, but we thank you for being with us for the journey." - A.V.

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